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Yemen Crisis Appeal

December 28, 2016

More than 7 million people in Yemen do not know where their next meal will come from and children are dying from malnutrition.

Yemen has suffered 20 months of conflict, with Saudi Arabia backing the government against Houthi rebels.

The British Red Cross said: "The ongoing conflict in Yemen has devastated millions of people's lives.

"Right now, more than half the population don't have enough food. Almost a quarter face starvation. Families are living with no water or electricity."

The charity said vital support could be given to people in desperate need with the help of the British people.

It said 14 million people did not have enough food, and 3.3 million mothers and children were acutely malnourished.

Less than half the country's health facilities were functioning fully and they faced severe shortages of medicines, equipment and staff, it added. [Source: BBC]

In the midst of conflict, DEC member charities are reaching millions of people across the country with lifesaving aid but much more needs to be done.

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January 13, 2016

As the crisis in the Syrian Arab Republic is well into its third year, and the daily headlines focus on military clashes and political efforts to resolve the crisis, the world must not forget the human realities at stake. The risk of losing a generation grows with every day that the situation deteriorates, while the progress made for Syrian children in previous years is undone. UNICEF and its partners are committed to keeping Syrian children from becoming a ‘lost generation’.

Critical efforts are being made to minimize the impact of the crisis on children – including in the life-saving areas of health, nutrition, immunization, water and sanitation, as well as in the future of children, through education and child protection.

#ChildrenofSyria is the microsite dedicated to the 2 million children of Syria who now live as refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt and other countries in North Africa.

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