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Philippines Appeal

One of the strongest storms in history has caused enormous destruction across the Philippines, leaving hundreds of thousands of families homeless and without food or safe drinking water.

While the latest reports estimate over 10,000 deaths, Action Against Hunger’s teams have been working around the clock since Friday to bring assistance to the millions of people affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

The distribution of emergency kits including bucket, soap, chlorine and energy biscuits has started. However, there is no food and all the safe drinking water installations have been destroyed.

Action Against Hunger's priority is to provide safe drinking water to populations to avoid lethal diseases such as cholera.

To do this, they urgently need to charter a plane with emergency water and sanitation equipment including a water treatment station, water tanks, pumps, and chlorine. Chartering just one plane can cost nearly £300,000 and because of high demand, these costs increase by the hour. Action Against Hunger need to send this equipment as soon as possible to families in desperate need. We need to act now. Every minute counts.

In this race against time, you can help. Please give as much as you can. Your donation will make a difference.

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