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Currently, many countries support dose donation in principle and have signalled intent to donate doses later in the year. However, immediate time-bound donations are needed to address the acute shortage this summer and prevent further deadly surges of COVID-19 around the world.

  1. Donate doses now: G7 Governments and other well-supplied countries should collectively donate 20 per cent of available doses in June, July and August – more than 150 million doses – to address the urgent shortage.
  2. Commit to release future doses: Governments that have contracted for more ‘future doses’ than required to vaccinate their adult populations this year should immediately commit to a roadmap to scale donations across 2021, to reach 1 billion by end of the year.
  3. Refrain from contract restrictions that prevent equitable access: This includes not adding, as well as dropping, existing clauses that would prevent use of vaccines outside of a contracting country’s borders.
  4. Identify and plan dose availability: Governments must work with both manufacturers and COVAX to identify and plan for dose donation to  enhance predictability, equitable access, and help stabilize the global vaccine market.
  5. No additional costs: Dose donation should not place any additional costs on countries receiving the vaccines and all reallocations should adhere to the COVAX Principles for Sharing COVID-19 Vaccine Doses.
  6. One act of support does not negate the other: Dose donations should be made additionally to fully funding the COVAX facility and ACT A and additional to other official development assistance commitments.

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